Information Minister Criticizes US Contradicting Policies in the region

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Information Minister Imad Sara has criticized the US contradicting policies in the region, saying "the United States claims that it is fighting Daesh terrorist organization in Syria while, in fact, it is supporting, funding and arming this terror group. It also talks about countries' sovereignty and peoples' right to decide their future, but, at the same time, it violates the sovereignty of many countries and disrespects peoples' right to self determination . "

The minster made the remarks during his meeting on Thursday with a delegation representing the Federation of Arab American Associations FEARAB –America.

 Sara briefed the delegation on the media war that has been targeting Syria in parallel with the military, economic and cultural war on the country, stressing that colonialist countries' media outlets have falsified facts and fabricated news about Syria events.

The minister, who described the media situation in Syria as "good", said despite distortion campaigns by media empires, the Syrian media managed to uncover the disinformation practiced against Syria by mainstream media and it has been able to present a real image about what is going on in the country including the victories of the Syrian Arab army over takfiri terrorism.

On their part, members of the guest delegation expressed their readiness to support Syria in their countries of expatriation including Argentine, Cuba, Brazil and Chile through publishing the Syrian media news in Spanish and Portuguese in order to reach all parts of south America.

They affirmed that the Syrian people has become a symbol of heroism for the Arabs, pointing out that despite the state of division in the Arab world, Syria is receiving growing support by the Arab street.

US Destructive Policies Constitute Serious Threat on Int’l Security and Stability

 Assistant Foreign and Expatriates Minister Ayman Sousan, in his meeting with the delegation of Federation of Arab American Associations (FEARAB) headed by Alfredo Gutierrez, reviewed the latest developments of the terrorist aggression on Syria, stressing that the US destructive policies in the region and the world constitute a serious threat on the international security and stability, SANA reported.

 Sousan renewed Syria’s complete rejection of any US or other presence on the Syrian territories without the consent of the Syrian government as “it considers it as an utter aggression and a blatant violation of the international law.”

Sousan stressed the Syrian people’s determination to end this presence, its tools and agents and to preserve Syria’s sovereignty and national and territorial integrity, not allowing any foreign intervention in the country’s internal affairs and the national choices of the Syrian people.

The Assistant Foreign and Expatriates Minister expressed Syria’s appreciation of the stance of the Arab communities abroad regarding what Syria and the region are facing, stressing the important role of these communities in consolidating the resilience of the nation and acquainting the public opinion with the reality of events taking place in the region, in addition to pressuring governments to adopt policies that serve peace and stability and cooperation among states instead of attempts to impose hegemony and increase tension.

For their part, members of the delegation expressed pride over the heroic steadfastness of the Syrian leadership, army and people, renewing adherence to fulfill the pan-Arab duty in defending issues of the Arab Nation.

Hamda Mustafa