US Presence Is A Flagrant Violation of International Law

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ The US military Presence on the Syrian territories is illegitimate and is in flagrant violation of International law as an aggression against the national sovereignty of Syria, Syrian Ministry of Expatriates and Foreign Affairs underscored.

An official source said to SANA that none whosoever is  allowed to interfere in Syria's internal affairs and not even to express viewpoints.

The source, in reaction to US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson's statements about the conditions in Syria, added that Syria reminds Mr. Tillerson that any country's domestic affairs is but the exclusive right of the people of this very country; consequently, none has right even to express viewpoints regarding internal affairs of other countries.

The source added "because it is in stark contradiction with Constitutional Law and is a violation of International Law, which asserts the respect for the sovereignty of the states.

 "Syria reiterates that the US military presence on the Syrian territories is illegitimate as a flagrant aggression on the national sovereignty in flagrant violation of International Law," the source underscored.

The US presence in Syria and all what the US Administration has been doing in Syria is but as to protect the terrorist Daesh (ISIS), founded by Obama Administration, as it has even been declared by President Trump and by former US Secretary Hillary Clinton, the sources reiterated.

 The US objective has never been to eliminate Daesh and the case of Al-Raqa City is witness for the US and its alliance claims; where the City of Al-Raqa is completely destroyed and the land mines of Daesh are on a daily basis exploding, and where the populations of the city are in camps without any humanitarian assistance or any food or medical assistance and are deprived from returning to their houses because of destruction, added the source.

The US Administration policy creates but suffering and destruction and it is not invited for contributing to rebuilding , added the source, asserting that Syria is never in need for a one dollar from the United States for rebuilding.

The Syrian Arab Republic  is to relentlessly pursue its war against terrorist groups as to cleanse every span of the sacred soil of Syria and would pursue  with the same determination and firmness the liberation of Syria from any illegitimate foreign presence, added the source.

Any political solution in Syria is to be just up to the Syrian People ambitions and expectations and never to be tailored to the size of foreign greed and agendas which contradict the Syrians' expectations, concluded the source.

Meanwhile, Syria declared that it would appropriately encounter any aggressive move or any start for a military act by Turkey against the Syrian Arab Republic.

Dr. Faysal Al-Miqdad, Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, warned the Turkish leadership against starting any military acts in Afrin  and it would be considered as an aggression by Turkish Army against the sovereignty and integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic territories as the International Law stipulates.

The Syrian Air Defenses are on alert to destroy Turkish warplanes in the Syrian Arab Republic aerospace, Dr. Al-Miqdad stated in a short press briefing.

Afrin and the northern and northern eastern region of the Syrian Arab Republic has ever been and would ever be a Syrian Arab territory, Dr. Al-Miqdad concluded.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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