Washington's Creation of New Armed Militia in Syria Aims to Divide the Country and Prolong the Crisis

 DAMASCUS, (ST)- The United States' creation of a new "armed militia" in the northeast of Syria is an attempt to divide Syria and prolong the crisis, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Faisal al-Mikdad has stressed, pointing out that this attempt is destined to failure in the light of the victories of the Syrian army and its allies.

In a phone interview with al-Mayadeen TV Monday night, al-Mikdad said Syria was not surprised by this new American move which serves US, western, Israeli and gulf agendas that seek destroying and fragmenting the region.

All the anti-Syria efforts exerted by the United States, the major supporter of terrorism, and by its agents in the Gulf and Turkey as well as its tools inside Syria have begun to collapse, said al-Mikdad, reiterating that "the Syrian people and army will foil this conspiracy and Syria will continue to be united as it used to be throughout history."

Al-Mikdad hailed the Russian stance towards the American move, saying "we weren't surprised by the statement of Minister Sergey Lavrov in which he condemned this dangerous step that could lead to dividing Syria,". "It is an honorable stance that affirms the identical views of Syria and Russia on the crisis in the country and on other crises in the world," he added.

All who cooperate with this new US-trained force, which has so far been illusive, are traitors to Syria and they will face the destiny of killers and traitors and will be defeated like Daesh terror organization, al-Mikdad made it clear.

"The presence of foreign forces in Syria without coordination with the Syrian government is an aggressive and illegitimate act," he said, referring to the American and Turkish troops military activities in the Syrian territories.

Hamda Mustafa