Two mass graves of martyrs discovered in Raqqa western countryside

Raqqa - Two mass graves were discovered Friday in Raqqa western countryside which include the bodies of tens of military and civilian martyrs who were executed at the hands of Deash (ISIS) terrorists when they were seizing the area.

“After the army has regained al-Raqqa western countryside and expelled Daesh terrorists from the area, and following the return of families to their towns and villages, we received information by some families reporting the uncovering of two mass graves near al-Wawi town, 25 KM to the south-eastern side of Dibsi Afnan area,” A field commander told SANA.

 He added that the army went to the place of the two cemeteries and after initial investigation “We found the evidence that indicated the existence of the bodies, and then we called the civil defense teams who started to pull out the bodies.”

Nearly 115 martyrs’ bodies were exhumed from one of the two mass graves discovered recently in Raqqa countryside. The Two mass graves contain the bodies of tens of military personnel and civilians, who had been killed by Daesh (ISIS) terrorists during establishing their control over the area.

A field leader told SANA that 115 martyrs’ bodies have been pulled out of the mass grave near al-Wawi town, to the southeast of Dibsi Afnan Township, adding that the bodies were moved to the military hospital in Aleppo for completing the legal procedures.

He said that some of the martyrs’ identities were identified.

Director of Dibsi Afnan township said that after ending the operation of pulling the martyrs bodies out of the first grave, they have moved to the second which, according to the information provided by locals, is near grain silos, where civil defense team started digging and pulling the martyrs’ bodies out.

The work to pull all the bodies out is continued.