Decree to fill vacant parliamentary seats

 DAMASCUS, (ST)_President Bashar Al-Assad issued on Tuesday decree No.379 stipulating for setting the first Saturday of next  December as a date to hold legislative elections to fill vacant Parliamentary seats .

 This decree comes after the People's Assembly (PA) suspended on October 2012 the membership of Ikhlas Badawi and Ali al-Bash over going off the parliament institution and all state institutions and openly conspiring against the homeland and jeopardizing its civil peace.

 The PA decided unanimously to take legal action against the two suspended members.

 Besides these two vacant seats in Aleppo city, there are other three ones in the cities  of Hasaka, Idleb, and Hama.

These three seats became vacant as MP Saddam Jadaan al-Dandah ( from Hasaka) was appointed as Syria's Ambassador to Iraq on October 9, while the other two MPs; namely  Ghassan Qintari (from Idleb)and Nizar Mousa (from Hama) were appointed governors in Der Ezzour and Tartous  respectively.

The PA is elected every four years. It consists of 250 members according to Decree 113 for 2012, 172 of whom represent the workers and peasants sectors, while the other 123 MPs represent the rest of the sectors.