Foreign-Backed Opposition Delegation Hampering Geneva Talks on Political Solution in Syria

GENEVA, (ST)- Representative of the Union of Arab Jurists (UAJ) at the United Nations Dr. Elias al-Khouri has stressed that the foreign-affiliated "Syrian opposition" continues to hamper the Geneva intra-Syrian talks, that aim at finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria, by presenting preconditions.

In a statement to SANA reporter in Geneva, al-Khouri hoped that the second phase of the 8th round of Intra-Syrian Talks in Geneva will achieve progress unlike the first one which failed to make any progress because of the "opposition" delegation's attempts to hamper political solution.

 Foreign-backed oppositions seek achieving their masters' political agendas

The foreign-backed oppositions seek achieving  the political agendas of their masters and such oppositions don't go in line with the current situation on ground, particularly because the situation has changed after the victories that have been achieved by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies in the fight against terrorist organizations in Syria, said al-Kouri.

 "The wide international recognition of Syria's sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence is a basic element for finding a solution to the crisis," he added.

He pointed out that the constitution of any country of the world is made by the people of this country who are the owner of authority and sovereignty, so only the Syrian people can determine their future and decide whether to make amendments to the constitution of their country.

Hamda Mustafa