Under President Al-Assad's Patronage, Damascus Hosts Arab Forum On Confronting US-Zionism-Arab Reactionaries Alliance

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Under the patronage of President Bashar Al-Assad, the activities of the Arab Forum on Confronting US-Zionism-Arab Reactionaries Alliance and Supporting the Palestinian people's resistance, are to kick off on Tuesday at al-Cham Hotel in Damascus.

National personalities and parties from Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Algeria, Bahrain and Mauritania are to take part in the two-day event.

According to the preparatory committee, the forum is being held in Damascus because Syria, which has kept steadfast for years against terrorism, constitutes a pillar for confronting the American-Zionist-reactionary scheme.

  The forum aims at drawing up a plan to confront the colonialist scheme and support the Palestinian people's resistance.

Participants in the forum will discuss the parties' plan to face the so-called "Middle East Alliance "which the United States and the Israeli entity try to establish with the participation of agent Arab reactionaries, mainly the Saudi regime.

A media plan to promote Arab people's awareness about the reality of this scheme and its disastrous impacts on the Arab nation and to mobilize Arab masses as to confront it is to be discussed, besides cooperation between organizations working in the field of resisting normalization with the Israeli enemy and boycotting the companies that support it.

The preparatory committee pointed out that one of the most important goals of the so-called "Middle East Alliance" is to undermine the Palestinian cause and terminate the national resistance of the Palestinian people through hatching conspiracies under false slogans like "peaceful struggle and "negotiations with the Israeli enemy".

Hamda Mustafa