Tourism Minister Receives French Delegation

Damascus,(ST) - Minister of Tourism Beshir Yazigi said that the sanctions and unilateral measures imposed by Europe on Syria have prevented airlines from carrying out flights to Europe, indicating that the doors of Syria are open to receive everyone who wants to visit Syria.

During a meeting with a French delegation comprising a number of intellectuals and researchers, Mr. Yazigi pointed out that the tourism sector suffered great damage during the period of the crisis in Syria.

 He expressed hope that the French people will realize the reality of what happened in Syria and not be swayed by the misinformation practiced by the media.

The members of the delegation expressed their desire to bring tourism delegations to Syria, especially to the photo exhibition which will be held in Aleppo.

In a statement to reporters, the head of the French-Syrian Cooperation Development Association Yannick Ducrot said that the wrong policies adopted by the French government belong to a small group of French people, stressing that the majority of the French want to restore relations between the two countries.

Mr. Ducrot pointed out that the members of the delegation wanted a number of Syrians residing in France to prepare for a great event in Paris at the beginning of 2018, namely, a Syrian week in which they aim to introduce the world to the political, cultural and intellectual victory of Syria, pointing out that the world is witnessing the victory of the Syrian Arab army against terrorism.

In a similar statement, the French writer Richard Millet called on the French to visit Syria and meet with the Syrians who have stood up, where the reconstruction phase has begun, especially with the return of security and stability to many areas, including Maaloula town.

 Sh. Kh.