Syria Has Never Given Up Its Regional Role even During Ongoing Terrorist War: Shaaban

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban has stressed that Syria constitutes a key pillar for the Arab future and it has never given up its Arab and regional role even during the terrorist war which has been continuous on the country  for seven years.

Interviewed by al-Mayadeen TV last night, Dr. Shaaban said "President Bashar Al-Assad, during his meetings, always concentrates on the idea that Palestine is the compass and that the Arab-Israeli conflict is the core of the Syrian stance", while at the same time, she added, the Gulf states keep working to undermine the Palestinian cause.

 "Today, Syria is getting out of its main battle against terrorism, although some schemes being plotted by conspirators against the country continue," Shaaban said, adding "we feel that the situation on ground has become better".

She noted the start of reconstruction in Homs and Aleppo.

The presidential advisor went on to say that Israel, which has been playing a major role in the war on Syria, has realized that the axis of resistance which is confronting this war has become stronger, so it won't take the risk and launch a new aggression. She reiterated that Syria won't hesitate in defending itself against the Israeli sinister aspirations and it won't allow Israel to single out Hizbollah because Syria and Hizbollah have a common destiny.

On the Syrian national Dialogue Congress, called for by Moscow, Shaaban said "the Syrian government is always the first to comply with any effort to solve the crisis in Syria and it is now ready to attend this congress."

Concerning the presence of Erdogan's army forces on the Syrian territories, Shaaban said "the presence of Turkish troops in our territory is illegal and we will deal with it on this basis and on the proper time."

She pointed out that the Washington-led coalition has destroyed Raqqa entirely under the complete silence of the international media.

On Naseeb border crossing at the borders with Jordan, Shaaban said the Syrian government won't accept partnership in supervising this crossing.  

Hamda Mustafa