Majority of Russians Back Moscow's Support for Syria

MOSCOW, (ST)- The majority of the Russians back their country's support for Syria at all levels and until the crisis in the country ends, an opinion poll shows.

Russia Today reported on Thursday that 75% of the participants in the poll, organized by the Russian Public Opinion Poll Center, reiterated the need to continue providing Russian assistance to Syria, with the majority of them stressing the importance of the continuity of the Russian military and diplomatic support for Damascus, according to the Syrian news agency SANA.

 Regarding the Russian Aerospace operation in Syria and the results this operation has achieved,  the poll shows that 78% of the participants believed that the Russian operation has achieved its main goals in Syria. The participants also called for carrying on this operation until the final victory over terrorism in Syria is achieved.

previous opinion polls showed that the landslide majority of Russian citizens supported the military operation being carried out by Russia in Syria in coordination with the Syrian government.

Hamda Mustafa