Deir Ezzour Artists Assert Syria will Be Victorious No Matter What Terrorism Supporters Do

DAMASCUS,(ST)- Around 14 visual artists from Deir Ezzour province have sent a message to the whole world through their exhibition being held in the ‘LouayKayyali’ Gallery in Damascus under the banner ‘Deir Ezzour triumphs’.

The artists feature 32 art works in the exhibition organized by Syrian Visual Artists’ branch in Deir Ezzour province in order to say that their works are weapons against Takfiri thinking, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

The agency quoted the artist Ghassan Akal, who participates in the exhibition, as saying that his works show the beauty of his city’s walls and his childhood.

 “The exhibition coincides with victories being achieved by the Syrian Arab army in Deir Ezzour city that suffered from barbaric terrorism,” Akal added, pointing out that the exhibition proves that Deir Ezzour artists stand by Syrian Arab army to cleanse all areas of the filth of terrorism.

On his part, the artist Fadi al-Faraj said that the exhibition gathers Deir Ezzour artists after six years and it comes within activities held to celebrate Syrian Arab army’s victory in Deir Ezzour and their breaking of ISIS siege of the city.

“The exhibition sends a message to the whole world and to terrorism’s supporters that Syria will be victorious no matter what they do and it will remain the cradle of civilization, history, art, science and beauty,” he stressed.

Last month, the Syrian Arab army and allied forces broke ISIS three-year-long siege of Deir Ezzour city. 

Basma Qaddour