Military Expert to ST: Terrorists Target Places They Can Reach to Raise Their Morale

The foreign-backed terrorists have suffered huge losses under the strikes of the Syrian Arab army so they miss no chance to hit any place they can reach in a bid to raise their morale, Syrian military and strategic expert Brigadier-General Haitham Hassoun said commenting on today's terror blasts in Damascus.

Talking to Syriatimes e-newspaper's reporter via Facebook Messenger after the blast, the Brigadier-General made it clear that "Midan Police station is not itself the target because terrorists target the places they can reach", indicating that the United States tries to reshuffle cards through igniting all fronts at military and security levels.

 "The target of terrorists is related to logistic matters. If it was easier for terrorists to reach Omayyad Mosque, they would carry out the blast there," he affirmed, pointing out that the new blast in Damascus comes within the ongoing terror war on Syria.

"The blast aims to raise terrorists' morale after defeating them in military operations being carried out in all flashpoint areas, especially in the eastern Ghouta of Damascus, which I think was the launching pad for today's terror blast," the Brig. Gen. said.

"I think that the terrorists, who blow themselves up in al-Midan neighborhood, came either from the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus or the southern area in Damascus, which lies just few hundred meters away from the said neighborhood,", he added, pointing out that those suicide bombers might reach the neighborhood through sewage pipelines or narrow allies.

Moreover, he asserted that the United States tries to ignite all fronts at military and security levels through using its terrorists, who are operating on the ground, in order to reshuffle cards.

The expert praised state-run media outlets' coverage of today's event, saying that national media outlets covered the event very well and prevented the media outlets, which are involved in the war on Syria, from circulating fabricated news about the terror blast.

Today, a suicide terrorist infiltrated into the Midan Police station and clashed with policemen before blowing himself up. The blast took place after another suicide terrorist threw bombs on the station before blowing himself up at the main entrance of the station.

The two blasts killed many persons.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour