Syria, Russia Discuss Coordination in Counterterrorism, Cooperation in Several Fields

DAMASCUS, (ST)- A visiting delegation representing the Russian Duma Council held Monday talks with several officials in Damascus about coordination in counterterrorism and cooperation between the two countries in economic, scientific and parliamentary fields. 

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the delegation's talks with Prime Minister Imad Khamis focused on Syrian-Russian coordination in counterterrorism besides the two countries' cooperation  in economic and scientific fields .

 The premier expressed the Syrian people's appreciation for Russian's policies and stances that enhance steadfastness of Syria in confronting the terror war, which targets its sovereignty.

"Russia, which has adhered strictly to humanitarian values, principles, international law and countries' sovereignty in its international stances, has a big role in combatting terrorism and  protecting peoples' civilizations," Khamis said, asserting that the Syrian government is keen on developing relations with Russia in all fields, especially the economic one, in order to rise them to the level of political relations.

The prime Minister called on Russian companies and economists to benefit from facilities and legislations being offered by the Syrian government to encourage investments, affirming that the preference in facilitations is for friendly countries that stood by the Syrian people.

Syria to achieve historical victory

On his part, Head of the Russian delegation Dimtry Sablin [ the Coordinator of Parliamentary group for Relation Affairs with Syrian People's Assembly] congratulated the Syrian people on the 'qualitative victories' being achieved by Syrian Arab army in fighting terrorism nationwide.

"These victories reflect the Syrian state's adherence to the unity of it territories and people," he said, adding that Syria fights terrorism on behalf of the whole world and it will achieve historical victory over all those who tried to undermine its sovereignty.

Sablin underscored that his country is keen on developing economic relations with Syria through enhancing the exchange of economic delegations' visits to set up joint investments of common interest for the two sides, especially the private sector in Russia and Syria.

"The delegation discussed with the Syrian Chamber of Commerce the way of holding forums with the participation of businessmen from the two countries in order to support and develop economic cooperation," he indicated.

Suggestions for health cooperation

Another meeting was held between the Russian delegation and Minister of Health Nizar Yazigy, who talked about the importance of insuring medicines for chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and cancer.

The minister called on the delegation to put pressure on the international community to lift sanctions being imposed on Syria, pointing out that these sanctions have negative effect on the health sector.

The two sides also discussed suggestions for health cooperation, mainly Syrian children's treatment in Moscow and field visits for Russian medical team to Syria.

A third meeting was held between the delegation and the Syrian-Russian Friendship Association in the People's Assembly [Parliament] where the two sides agreed on forming a team work for cooperation in the field of humanitarian and medical aid.

Last February, Sablin visited Syria accompanied by parliamentary, media and medical delegation and he asserted that the majority of Russian people sincerely stand by the friendly Syrian people.

Basma Qaddour