500 Families, Previously Displaced by Terrorists, Return to Their Houses in Manbej in Aleppo Eastern Countryside

ALEPPO, (ST)- More than 500 families, who were previously displaced by the terrorists,  have returned to their villages and towns in Manbej area in Aleppo eastern countryside after the Syrian Arab army has restored security and stability there.

A number of returnees expressed their happiness for their return, stressing that they will spare no effort as to fix the damage caused by the terrorists to their areas and that they will replant their lands and restore life to their villages after they suffered a lot from terrorism.

 They urged all the people who were compelled to leave their houses because to terrorism to return home and contribute to rebuilding the homeland.

On his part, Abdullah al-Hussein, a Baath party official from Manbej, said that concerned parties in Manbej have provided all facilitations and relief aid necessary for the return of 500 families, along with their agricultural equipments and livestock, to their villages which they previously left fleeing the terrorism of takfiri groups.

Al-Hussein added that work will continue as to guarantee the return of new batches of displaced people to their houses as soon as possible and until all the displaced families who fled terrorism come back to their areas and restore their normal life.

It is worth mentioning that this is the eighth batch of families returning to Manbej after being cleaned from terrorists and after basic needs were provided to the citizens.

Hamda Mustafa