Premier to Italian Delegation: Western Sanctions Targeted Syrians' Livelihood

 DAMASCUS, (ST)- The danger threatening the world because of the spread of terrorism across borders, in addition to unifying international efforts to put an end to this phenomenon and stopping all forms of support provided by regional and western countries to terrorists were main topics discussed during Prime Minister Emad Khamis's meeting on Thursday with an Italian Senate delegation led by Poalo Romani, Head of the Italian Delegation to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

The premier said that Syria is achieving daily victories over terrorism thanks to the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab army and its allies, stressing that the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed by western countries on the Syrian people have contributed to increasing the citizens' suffering. He called for lifting these sanctions as they target citizens livelihood in the first place.

Khamis hailed the role being played by the European delegations that visit Syria in conveying a right image about the reality of events in the country to the European citizens, highly appreciating the visit of the Italian delegation and their kind feelings towards Syria.

On his part, Romani said that the disinformation practiced by some western media outlets regarding events in Syria deals a blow to the transparency and neutralism claimed by these media outlets. He clarified that what the delegation saw on ground was completely different from fabrications and lies conveyed by the western media to all peoples.

 "Some regional and western countries are contributing to prolonging the war in Syria through their continuous support for terrorism, Romani said, noting the importance of participating in Syria reconstruction and of providing all forms of support for the Syrian people.

Grand Mufti of the Syrian Arab Republic Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun also met the Italian delegation  and stressed to them that Syria’s current victories and achievements in its war against terrorism serve the interests of the region and the entire world.

According to SANA, Hassoun said that the heinous crimes committed by the terrorist groups against the Syrian people and properties have become obvious to all around the world, calling for creating an international public opinion that opposes terrorism and stand by the Syrians in the current crisis.

In turn, Romani said that the aim of the visit is to express solidarity and support to the Syrian people in the war on terrorists.

He stressed that the delegation will brief the Italian Senate about the reality of what they saw in Damascus and the normal life they experienced across different Syrian cities, where people live without fear.  

Hamda Mustafa