Anzour to Italian Delegation: International Efforts Must be United against Terrorism

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Deputy Speaker of the People's Assembly [Parliament] Najdat Anzour has underscored the need to unite international efforts to fight terrorism that poses threat to all world countries.

His remark was made during his meeting today with a visiting delegation representing the Italian Senate and led by the Head of the Italian Delegation to the International Secretariat of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Poalo Romani.

"Some regional and western countries have supported terrorists in Syria," Anzour said, hoping that the visiting delegation will convey the reality of events in Syria to the European public opinion, especially the  Italian one.

 On his part, the Head of the Italian Delegation underscored the need to change EU public opinion towards the events taking place in Syria and to listen to Syrians' viewpoints.

Romani said: "We have to convince EU public opinion that there are many terrorist organizations in Syria, not only ISIS [Daesh] but also al-Qaeda linked  al-Nusra Front and other organizations. This is an important matter as those organizations are not only enemies of Syria but also our enemies."

He asserted that the war in Syria is not western-backed war but also regional-backed war as Turkey and other countries are involved in it.

Romani described the breaking of the ISIS siege of Deir Ezzor city by the Syrian army and its allies as 'a real tipping point 'in the ongoing war in Syria.

The war in Syria will end

He expressed his surprise over reports being published by European newspapers about the events in Syria depending on a person living in Coventry city in England, which is far away from Syria.

"The war in Syria will end after eliminating all terrorists affiliated to all terrorist groups," Romani told journalist in a news conference held after his meeting with Anzour.

He affirmed that the delegation will convey what it saw in Syria to Italian media outlets and will unveil fabricated news about it.

"The While Helmets, who are shown by western media as heroes,  are but part of the terrorist al-Nusra Front affiliates as all their photos are with them," Romani underlined, wondering how some western country want to give Nobel prize to them.

The Italian politician indicated that the  Syrian media outlets can play a key role through publishing news about diversity in Syria.

The Italian delegation is composed of the member of constitutional committee in the Senate Mario Moro, Director-General of Forza Italia party Francesca Esposito and Poalo Romani  . 

Basma Qaddour