Syria Will Stay United: Al-Mikdad

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Faisal al-Mikdad has stressed that the achievements made by the Syrian Arab army and its allies in the fight against terrorism are a source of pride given their continuous progress in the battle against terrorists.

In a speech during an open meeting jointly with Information Minister Mohammad Ramez Turjman at al-Assad Library in Damascus, al-Mikdad reiterated that "Syria is in front of a victory era and its has no other option but to achieve this victory."

 He expressed confidence that "Syria will stay united and absolutely indivisible…This is something sure and inevitable."

"We don't only insist on the unity of Syria, but we also call for the unity of the entire Arab nation," he added.

The deputy minister reiterated that "not a single component of the Syrian people wants Syria to be destroyed except a few who were involved in terrorism."

He stressed that victory will be achieved thanks to the sacrifices of martyrs who have drawn Syria's future with their blood.

Al-Mikdad pointed out that the enemy Syria is facing is vey heinous and several countries are still supporting terrorism, clarifying that terrorism supporters have started to accuse each other and uncover their own involvement in backing terrorism.

He affirmed that Syria and its national media have, for the past seven years  warned against the danger of supporting terrorism by parties like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and now we find their master, America, calling on Qatar to stop its support for terrorism,.

Al-Mikdad urged the national media to continue concentrating on "uncovering those who were involved in terrorism even after the war ends."

Hamda Mustafa