Electronic Hat for the Blind

He is an intelligent young man who is full of life and enthusiastic for work and giving. I met him when he was trying to introduce his invention to the Prime Minister, Mr. Emad Khamis and the ministers who accompanied him during his last visit to Wadi Al-Nadarah region. He is eng. Firas Elias Aboud from the village of Ballatt in Wadi Al-Nadarah in Homs.

Talking about the idea of this invention and its mechanism of work, eng. Aboud told the Syria Times: “I work as a volunteer in one of the offices affiliated to the Martyr Foundation.

Our office in Wadi Al-Nadarah held a ceremony to honor the sons of martyrs who succeeded in the Preparatory and Secondary education and also to honor the wounded.

A wounded soldier with multiple disabilities, including visual impairment, caught my attention. Thus the idea of inventing something that could serve this category of people came straight to my mind and this invention was my project of graduation from the Informatics Engineering Faculty.

Concerning the mechanism of the invention, eng. Aboud said: "the hat consists of ultra-sonic sensors and a microcontroller which is considered as a brain in man. There is also a Bluetooth for the controller in addition to an audio alert.

The blind person will be alerted by an audio alert. Thus the direction of the obstacle that could hinder him is determined by an Android application which is of my design. This application will determine the directions, Left, right, in front of and the bottom, for the blind".

He went on to say: "Al-Qal'a Festival which was recently held here in Al-Wadi region, was a great opportunity for me to introduce my invention to the Minister of Internal Trade, Mr. Abdullah Al-Gharbi and Tourism Minister, Mr. Bisher Yazji during.

I have received great support and a promise from the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade

That my invention will be displayed at al-Basel Inventors Exhibition due to be held at Damascus International Fair on the 20th of August.

I hope that my invention will reach as many people, who are really in need of, as possible ," eng. Aboud concluded.


Amal Farhat- From Homs to the Syria Times