US-Led Coalition's Air Force Targets Syrian Army Fighter Jet in Raqqa Countryside

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The so-called US-led Coalition today's noon targeted a Syrian fighter jet in al-Resafa area in Raqqa southern countryside while it was implementing its combat mission against Daesh terrorist organization in the area, the general Command of the Army and Armed Forces said in a statement on Sunday, adding that the aircraft was downed and the pilot is still missing.

The Command's statement said that "this flagrant aggression undoubtedly affirms the reality of the American stance that supports terrorism and seeks affecting the capabilities of the Syrian Arab army , the only effective force on ground that practices its legitimate right to fight terrorism across the homeland in cooperation with its allies."

 "The US attack affirms the coalition's coordination with Deash terror organization and uncovers the American heinous intention to manageand invest terrorism in the service of achieving its goals in implement the Zionist-American scheme in the region, the command added.

It pointed out that this attack comes as the Syrian Arab army and its allies are achieving notable progress in the fight against Daesh which is being defeated in different parts of the Syrian Badia.   

The command warned against the repercussions of this flagrant aggression on anti-terrorism efforts, stressing that such attacks won't break the Syrian Arab army's will and determination to press ahead with the war on Daesh, Jabhat al-Nusra and their affiliated  terrorist groups and with the efforts to restore security and stability to the entire territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Hamda Mustafa