Damascus traders meet for national unity

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ A national gathering was held on Sunday by the  Damascus branch of the Baath Arab Socialist Party, attended  by a gathering of  traders of Hamidiya and Hariqa ancient markets  in Khan As'ad Pasha in the down town of Damascus  and directors of  Damascus city electricity and food supplies  departments.  Discussions dealt  with  problems pertinent to service and economic problems  impeding traders and means  of enhancing  dialogue in order to enhance  national unity. Stress was laid on the role played by the Syrian traders to this end.

 The Baath party official said that the meeting focuses on the economic needs and  demands of  concern to citizen and merchants.

  "The leadership and people of Syria continue the  reform process ", he said, adding that  the Syrian people were and are  still up to the level of  shouldering  national responsibility, and  the Syrians  will not be intimidated by the aggressive practices.

  Meantime, several traders  underlined  the  spirit of amity and love  that bring the Syrians together. They explained that this reality is felt by the virtue of the high spirit of nationalism  they showed  under the current crisis, hoping that  "our country will emerge from the crisis victorious."

Tamador Fateh