N. Korean Diplomat: Syrian Army's Achievements against Terrorism Make Us Feel Happy

Ambassador of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)  in Damascus has said Syria will triumph over terrorism and its supporters, stressing his country's adherence to 'Songun' policy [military-first policy] in order to face the new U.S. aggressive measures against it.

"We know well what is going on in Syria, and we know that the Syrian people and army are steadfast. This steadfastness will lead to the achievement of victory under the wise leadership of president Bashar al-Assad," Mr. Jang Myong Ho told the state-run Tishreen newspaper Wednesday.

He made it clear that there are several fields of mutual support between the Democratic Korea and Syria, including congratulation messages between the two peoples' leaders  on national Days and sending high level delegations to Syria.

 "Speeches of the permanent representative of the Democratic Korea to the United Nations support Syria and remarks by the Democratic Korea's Foreign Ministry strongly denounce conspiracies hatched by the U.S. and its allies in the region against Syria," the diplomat added.

He asserted that the Democratic Korea will share Syria the joy of  its great victory over terrorism and its supporters.

"When we hear about achievements of the Syrian Arab army in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus and in other areas, we feel happy ," the ambassador said, pointing out that the Democratic Korea's media outlets follow up situation in Syria politically, economically and military and they publish reality.

"During the U.S. aggression on Shayrat airfield in Syria, the piece of news was directly conveyed to the Korean people, who condemned the blatant aggression," Mr. Ho said.

'Songun' policy

As for the retaliation of Democratic Korea at the new U.S. aggressive measures against it, the ambassador affirmed his country's adherence to 'Songun' policy [military-first policy].

"When the U.S. military escalation increased in the Korean peninsula, Pyongyang worked on enhancing its nuclear deterrence and military power in order to defend our country and to confront the U.S. aggression," he said, indicating that the Democratic Korea's people overcome the U.S. economic sanctions on their country through developing science and technology.

Israel sparks tension in region

Regarding Israel's dirty role in the region, Mr. Ho stressed that Democratic Korea has neither diplomatic nor economic relations with Israel and it has not recognized it so far.

"Israel sparks tension in the Middle East region and carries out aggression on Syria, Palestine and all Arab countries. Its aggressive practices have been denounced by Pyongyang," the diplomat said, calling on Israel to abandon its dangerous policy in the region.

"Israel is the U.S. puppet and a guard for its interests, therefore  it follows the U.S. policy in the region and it has no independent policy. It has carried out many aggressions on Syrian lands, and these aggressions reflect the nature of this aggressive entity," the ambassador concluded.

Basma Qaddour