A Wall Separating Western Citizens from Reality of Events in Syria

 DAMASCUS, (ST)- Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, the Presidential Political and Media Advisor,  believes that the misleading media and the heinous disinformation campaign against Syria is a major problem that has built a wall separating western citizens from the reality of events in Syria.

Shaaban's remarks came during her meeting on Thursday with a foreign media delegation comprising intellectuals, researchers and activists from the United States, Britain, Norway, Germany and Australia.

 The presidential advisor, who thanked the media delegation for visiting Syria to know what is really happening on ground in Syria, stressed that contacts are important between the Syrian side and western delegations in the current era.

Shaaban said that what happened in Iraq and Libya is the clearest example of what has been planned for Arab countries, adding that coordination between the Zionist side and the terrorist organizations is very clear.

"However, all have realized that no one can dictate Syria what to do whatever the sacrifices are," Shaaban went on to say, stressing that Syria will triumph at the end.

"A terrorist is a terrorist not a rebel"

On their part, members of the guest delegation reiterated the need to change the media language addressing citizens in western countries in order to help them correct the wrong image they have got about Syria. They also affirmed that it is necessary to use accurate terminologies;  that is to say " a terrorists is a terrorist not a rebel".

They asserted that their mission is to convey true image about Syria to the West and to try to urge other activists and journalists to join them in defending Syria at international gatherings.

In a statement to reporters following the meeting, Shaaban stressed "the need to provide media delegations that visit Syria with all right data as to enable them to defend our causes".

She clarified that the western stance has begun to change .."for example, in the Khan Sheikhoun incident we see that most reports and scientific research have refuted the US allegations that the Syrian government is responsible for this incident, particularly as these research works were made in the United States, Germany and Europe."

Hamda Mustafa