Al-Jaafari: Absence of Patriotic Partner Hindered Achieving Progress in Intra-Syrian Talks in Geneva

GENEVA, (ST)-The main obstacles which hindered the achievement of progress in the Intra-Syrian talks are represented in the absence of patriotic partner, the lack of political will by sponsors of terrorism or the participating "opposition" platforms to achieve this progress and the fact that some parties participating in the talks came to Geneva to undermine the entire political process, Head of the Syrian Arab Republic's delegation to Intra-Syrian talks, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari has stressed.

 Al-Jaafari, who was speaking on Friday in a press conference following the delegation's meeting with the UN Chief's Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura, announced that the fifth round of Intra-Syrian talks in Geneva concluded without receiving answers or responses from the "opposition" platforms to any of the papers the delegation has presented, pointing out that this "was not surprising because these parties don't seek combating terrorism or finding a political solution to the crisis except if this solution is designed to suit their illusions which facts and years have proved that they will not be achieved."

"We have just concluded the fifth round of Geneva talks. Over eight days, we submitted  several papers to the UN envoy; a paper on fighting terrorism and another one containing general principles for political solution in Syria..These papers deal with finding a logical and natural ground to start discussing issues relating to the constitution. Of course , we discussed the four baskets, which are the rule, the constitution, elections and fighting terrorism, in addition to the basic principles paper, that was part of our talks on the four baskets," al-Jaafari said.

"Unfortunately, this round concluded before we receive an answer from other delegations to any of our papers, al-Jaafari added, noting that these delegations don't want to fight terrorism or reach political solution except if this solution suits their illusions in taking power in Syria.

He clarified that this behavior once again indicates the political immaturity and the treason of these parties to their homeland, noting that given their being mercenaries and agents to their masters, these parties have so far received only the orders to back terrorism and disrupt the talks.

"Despite obstacles we competed the fifth round of talks with complete patience  and sense of responsibility to defend our country and stop bloodshed," al-Jaafari said, adding that "agents, traitors and those living abroad in Riydh, Doha, Ankara and other capitals can't feel the pain of the Syrian people inside the country."

Within this context, al-Jaafari went on to say that "at the end of every round of talks we stress the importance of the continuity of Astana and Geneva meetings and the need to make the Russian and Iranian efforts exerted in Astana meetings a success, because of their great contribution to achieving important future steps in Geneva 6."

On remarks by US ambassador to UN regarding Syria, al-Jaafari clarified that all ambassadors at Security Council should understand the goal and rules of Geneva meetings which are based on the principle that the talks are intra-Syrian dialogue without foreign interference.

"So, since the US ambassador is new at the Security Council, I think we must give her some time to digest the Syrian reality related to dialogue in Geneva and Astana, said al-Jaafari, stressing that "Syria’s future will be determined only by the Syrians themselves not by the US ambassador at the Security Council or any other ambassador.”

Regarding some media outlets' claims about an agreement in the four Syrian towns of Madaya, Zabadani, Kafrya and Fou'a under an Iranian-Qatari sponsorship and without the approval of the Syrian state, al-Jaafari said "nothing can happen on the Syrian lands without the knowledge or approval of the Syrian government, so no Qatari activity is allowed  to take place on the Syrian territories without the Syrian government's agreement, particularly as Qatar is key sponsor of terrorism in Syria."      

 Hamda Mustafa