At Least 11 Civilians Martyred in US-Led Coalition's Airstrikes in Syria's Raqqa

RAQQA, (ST)- During its alleged war on terrorism, the US-led coalition has committed new crime against civilians in the Syrian province of Raqqa.

Local and media sources said on Friday that over the past 24 hours, warplanes affiliated to Washington-led Coalition launched several airstrikes on al-Tabqa city and Tishreen Farm to the north of Raqqa province. 11 peoples including a woman and two children were martyred, the sources added.

 The toll may increase due to serious injuries  among wounded civilians, according to the sources. They pointing out that huge damage was also caused to the infrastructure of the targeted areas and to the locals' houses and properties.

During the last two months, the international coalition's warplanes committed two massacres in which at least 31 civilians were martyred in the villages and towns of Raqqa countryside.

Since August 2014, the United States has been leading an illegal coalition under the claim of fighting Daesh terrorist organization. The coalition is illegitimate because it was formed out of the Security Council. Its warplanes committed several massacres against the Syrians in towns and villages of Manbej, al-Ghandoura, Tokhan al-Kubra and Dabeq in Aleppo northern countryside and in Boukmal in the eastern countryside of Der Ezzour as well as in several Raqqa towns and villages. The airstrikes claimed the lives of hundreds of peoples and wounded hundreds others.

Hamda Mustafa