Hizbollah Supports All Efforts to Stop Bloodshed, Open Way for Reconciliation and Political Settlement in Syria

BEIRUT, (ST)-Hizbollah supports all efforts aiming to stop bloodshed in Syria and open the way for national reconciliation and political solution, Hizbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah has underscored.

During Hizbollah ceremony to commemorate the party late official Sheikh Hussein Obeid in Baalbek city in northeastern Lebanon, Nasrallah said the countries supporting terrorism and the misleading media keep lying and promote fabrications to accuse Hizbollah and cover their crimes.

Refuting claims accusing Hizbollah of rejecting ceasefire in Syria, Nasrallah said "the party strongly supports not only the ceasefire agreement concluded in Astana, but also any ceasefire agreement in Syria and it backs all procedures aiming stop bloodshed in the country and provide chances for national reconciliation and political solutions."

 He stressed that those who made accusations against Hizbollah are the same parties who seek hindering the ceasefire agreement with support from Gulf and western regimes that ve been backing terrorist groups in Syria.

According to Nasrallah, Hizbollah has worked with the Syrian government and a number of countries to treat the hard conditions of  besieged Syrian towns like Foua, Kefraya, Zabadani, Madaya and others.

The party Secretary General pointed out that the course of events in Syria has changed over the past six years, particularly after the countries which created terrorist groups have failed in achieving their goals in Syria.

This change is attributed to the steadfastness of the Syrian people and their leadership and army as well as to Syria's friendly countries and all the parties which rejected takfiri terrorism, said Nasrallah. He pointed out that the change happened also after the entire world discovered that the "external Syrian opposition" has no representation on ground and that the so-called "moderate opposition" is nothing but armed groups some of which are affiliated to Deash and Jabhat al-Nusra which pose serious threat to the world.

Regarding the situation of the displaced Syrians in Lebanon, Nasrallah called for tackling this issue in a humanitarian away from  political considerations and begging for international aid.

He called for cooperation to help the displaced Syrians return to their towns, villages, cities and homes, urging the Lebanese government to make official contacts with the Syrian government regarding this pressing file.

On the new US Administration's stance towards Hizbollah, Nasrallah said the American stance is not clear yet, clarifying "it is enough that the new American President Donald Trump says that America under Obama and Clinton is the one which made terrorism and created Daesh and that his priority in Syria is to fight Daesh.

Hamda Mustafa


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