Army Discovers Saudi-Produced Chemicals Left behind by Terrorists before Withdrawal from Aleppo

ALEPPO, (ST)- A Syrian Army unit has discovered Saudi-produced chemical agents left behind by foreign-backed terrorists in the old city of Aleppo.

"These chemical agents were used by terrorists to manufacture explosives as to target residential areas in Aleppo," the reporter added.

SANA reporter in Aleppo said that during constant mop-up operations in the eastern districts of Aleppo after being liberated from terrorism, the Syrian army units discovered Saudi-produced chemical agents including Sulfur, chlorine and raw materials used for plastic granules in a depot for the terrorists in the old city.

 It was not the first time that the Syrian army uncovered toxic chemicals stored by Takfiri terrorists in Aleppo.

On November 13, 2016, the terrorists targeted al-Nayrab area in Aleppo with mortar rounds that contain chlorine, injuring tens of civilians and military personnel.

The terrorists attacked residential areas in Aleppo with shells containing toxic gases causing injuries to dozens of people.

Yesterday, Russian sappers discovered a depot containing hand-made shells left by terrorist groups before their withdrawal from the eastern districts of Aleppo. The amount of shells were enough to destroy a whole district, according to SANA.  

Hamda Mustafa