Mariani: Defeating Terrorism in Syria a Good News to France

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The terrorist attacks hitting France are similar to those targeting Syria as they carry the fingerprints of "Daesh" terrorist organization, Member  of the French National Assembly Thierry Mariani, head of the French Parliamentary delegation visiting Syria, has underscored, pointing out that Syria and France are facing a common enemy and "if this enemy is defeated in Syria it will be a good news to France."

 Interviewed by "al-Mayadeen" TV Sunday night, Mariani said the French people suffers a state of "media poisoning" and "complete totalitarianism" regarding what is happening in Syria, noting that lying reports by the French media outlets about Aleppo gave the impression that people in Aleppo were all killed.

Yesterday, the guest French delegation was in Aleppo and toured a number of health and humanitarian institutions.

Mariani said that during the visit he noticed the happiness of the people in Aleppo for liberating their city from terrorism despite their huge loss and the massive damage caused to their properties.

On the delegation's meeting with President Bashar Al-Assad, Mariani asserted the Syrian state's willingness to reach reconciliation with whoever wants peace except members of "Daesh" and "Jabhat al-Nusra" terrorist organizations.

According to Mariani, there is some development  in the view of the French Public opinion regarding the Syrian government's stance on terrorism, but, he said, "it is a slow development and unfortunately we are paying the price of unwise foreign policy."

"The Syrian government represents the majority of the Syrian people and it runs most of the Syrian areas. Those who are terrorizing the Syrian people are the terrorists of Deash and al-Nusra," said the French MP.

The conferences organized by France for the Syrian opposition have failed because the Syrian government was absent, according to Mariani.

He affirmed that the effective role of the Russian side in supporting the Syrian government's efforts to fight terrorism has presented Moscow as a basic negotiating party and one of the main partners to achieve any possible solution.

Mariani criticized his country's bad stance towards Jabhat al-Nusra terror group, particularly as it described the terrorist organization as a group of good moderates not terrorists. "The truth was different and the organization actually formed an important wing of al-Qaeda,"he said.

Those who launched terrorist attacks in Europe are terrorists who had traveled to Syria to fight within the ranks of the terrorist groups before they returned to their home countries, said Mariani, pointing out that "the terrorists have huge presence in Syria and this poses continuous threat to our countries, so, peace in Syria will contribute to isolating the terrorist groups."

French Delegation Urges Reopening French Embassy in Damascus

Earlier, in a statement to reporters following the delegation's meeting with Speaker of the People's Assembly Hadeya Abbas in Damascus, Mariani referred to the false news and lies promoted by world media outlets about the complete destruction of Aleppo and about having all its people killed, stressing that the truth is different and the delegation has seen this itself.

Mariani saluted the Syrian Arab Army over the victory its achieved in Aleppo, saying "any victory for Syria is a victory for France".

On his part, Nicolas Dhuicq, a French MP and member of the delegation, said the solution to the crisis in Syria is in the hand of the Syrian people.

He hailed Syria as an example in guaranteeing women rights and coexistence among all spectra of the Syrian society.

He expressed hope that whoever wins the French presidential elections will reopen the French Embassy in Damascus.

On Saturday in Aleppo, the visiting French parliamentary and media delegation toured on a number of health and humanitarian institutions at the end of its visit to Aleppo.

The delegation also visited a makeshift center hosting displaced people, according to SANA.

In statements to the reporters, Thierry Mariani said what they saw is very different from what is being promoted by Western media which try to present a picture that all of Aleppo is destroyed.

He said the main concern today is how to help Syria in the reconstruction process that should be done by the international institutions, stressing that the anger of terrorism is one and the same wherever it strikes.

Clearing Aleppo from terrorism a turning point for the world

On Friday, Aleppo Governor Hussein Diab affirmed on Friday met the French delegation and affirmed to its members that Aleppo is living the joy of victory over terrorism which targeted it and killed and injured many of its innocent people.

Head of a French delegation Thierry Mariani pointed out that clearing Aleppo from terrorism is a turning point not only for Syria but for all the world, and that what threatens Syria is a threat for the whole world, especially with the presence of sponsors of terrorism, adding that the delegation is happy to be in Aleppo, which is part of the world heritage. 

Hamda Mustafa