Syrian, Greek lawyers discuss how to defend Syria against terror aggression

Syrian Bar Association and Greek Progressive Lawyers Association have agreed on forming a joint grouping whose task is to clarify what is going on in Syria.

The agreement was made during meeting held Wednesday between head of Syrian Bar Association Nizar Iskifand delegation of Greek Progressive Lawyers Association led by chairman of Association's Excusive Council Yanis Rakhyotis where the two sides discussed several issues related to Syria, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).


The agency quoted  Iskif as saying that it is possible to sign several deals with the Greek Progressive Lawyers. "The joint grouping will review legal position and Syria's rights under the global terror war being waged on the country," he  added.

Head of the Greek delegation said that the goals of its visit to Syria are to support stances of the Syrian people and leadership and to prepare deals with Syrian Lawyers in order to reach a joint formulation about how to defend Syria against the fierce terror attack on Syrian people .

"We will explain to Greek people conspiracies hatched against the Syrian people," Rakhyotis affirmed.

On his part, Head of the Council of State Advisor Hisham al-Shaar said -during his meeting with the Greek delegation- that Syria managed to foil conspiracy and to confront the terror war waged on it.

He referred to supportive stances of friendly countries and progressive thinkers who believe in peoples' right of self-determination and reject hegemony. 


Basma Qaddour