Syria would emerge out victorious from the ongoing crisis

HOMS, (ST)_ Syria would emerge out victorious from the ongoing crisis, thanks to the unity among honest Syrians, National Reconciliation Minister, Dr. Ali Haidar, underscored.

 Addressing a forum for national reconciliation in Homs, central Syria yesterday, Minister Haidar added that the displaced from Homs who were forced to leave their houses, under threats of armed terrorist groups, would soon return to their houses in in soon-to-be secure, safe and free-of-weapons Homs.

 The national Reconciliation Ministry has been exerting tireless efforts in different governorates as to achieve the badly-needed for social reconciliations and as to sort out problems related to the displaced, imprisoned, and kidnapped.

 The foreign-backed mercenary armed terrorist groups have forced some families in some Syrian cities to leave their property. Syria, however, thanks to the prevailing harmony, co-existence and tolerance among its citizens, has never been taken by such terrorist heinous crimes.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim