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Return of happiness to Aleppo residents after four years of pain

There has been great elation among Syrian people, especially Aleppo residents, when Syrian army and its allies have triumphed over foreign-backed terrorist organizations in Aleppo city.

The exhilaration of victory was mixed with sadness over the martyrdom of tens of thousands of innocent persons by terror attacks on the city during the past four years.


Director of Aleppo University Center for Strategic Studies and Research (AUCSSR)Dr. Ahmad Jaddouh told the Syriatimes e-newspaper's reporter via WhatsApp that Aleppo residents were sure that victory over terrorists organizations, which had occupied the eastern part of the city since 2012,will be realized no matter how long it takes.

"We waited the moment of announcing the liberation of the city to congratulate and embrace each other.. We shed tears of joy mixed with tears of sadness over our friends, who were martyred by terror attacks on the government-held districts during the past years," he added.


10760  martyrs

Dr. Jaddouh indicated that around 10760 civilians were martyred and 50.000 others wounded by terror mortar and rocket attacks on Aleppo  city according to Director of Forensic Medicine Dr. ZaherHajjo. "The extent of damage and destruction in the city is very big, and it is too early to assess the scale of damage as mopping-up operations are underway in some districts ,"  he added.

The AUCSSR's Director, who survived several terror mortar attacks on his district in the city, told us that the liberation of Aleppo means restoration of peace and stability and salvation from terror attacks.

"We in Syria , in general, and in Aleppo, in particular,  are one people and nothing can ever break us apart . Diversity is the source of our strength.. we defeated our enemy," Dr. Jaddouh asserted.

He concluded by saying that history will say that terrorism's supporters were the worst ancestor for the next generation.

Tears of joy

Mrs. Darin, who was living in al-Seryan al-Jdedeh district in Aleppo city before coming to Damascus, told us that she was moved to tears after the declaration of liberating of the city. "There are no words to describe the happiness I have felt after the announcement of the liberation of my city, which was not impossible. This was expected…I was sure that this day will come."

She was very happy when she saw the Syrian flag and the pictures of President Bashar al-Assad  on Aleppo 's citadel and streets. "Although I was not in Aleppo at that moment but the reports screened on television channels made my heart beats of joy. I felt that life will return to Aleppo .. Aleppo residents were steadfast and they achieved their goal related to liberate the city from terrorists."

"The residents of Aleppo city remained steadfast despite shortage of  water and electricity and the fire of mortars and rockets by terrorists on them daily.. They suffered a lot over the past years," she said.

Her cousin, Iman, who left Suleman al-Halabi district after terrorists had entered it,  also was moved to tears after the declaration of the city's liberation. She wants to return from Turkey to her city where people have will and determination and stand by each other.


Fragmentation plot dropped

The political analyst Dr. Bassam Abo Abdallh sees that defeating terrorism in Aleppo drops fragmentation plot in the region and forces all parties to go back to political solution.

"The United States and the west, which have been involved in the aggression on Syria, want a political solution that weakens Syrian state and disintegrates its constitutional system under the pretext of democracy and human rights. However, Syria wants a political solution that strengthens the country and leads to a constitution based on national unity,"  he clarified.

Dr. Abo Abdallah affirmed that the war on Syria was an international conflict ended up with burying unipolar international system.


Last Thursday, General Command of Army and Armed Forces announced restoration of peace and security to Aleppo city after liberating it from terrorists.


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Interviewed by : Basma Qaddour