Nasrallah: Battle for Aleppo Decisive

Beirut, (ST)- Secretary General of Hizbollah resistance movement has stressed that the battle against terrorist organizations in Aleppo is as decisive to the entire region as the battle for Iraq's Mosul, pointing out that the terrorists groupings which were brought to Aleppo across the Turkish borders have failed to achieve their goals because of the victories being achieved by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies.

In a statement marking a week after the martyrdom of Hizbollah military commander Hatem Hamade in Syria, Nasrallah said "the results of this battle will have tremendous impacts at the military and strategic level and on political solutions and on the expectations of all parties."

He added that Hizbollah went to Syria after accurate study and observation of developments in the region, noting that frightening facts about who armed, funded and trained terrorists and sent them to Syria  to kill people, destroy infrastructure and properties and block political solutions are uncovered every day.

 Hizbollah leader affirmed that the terrorist war on Syria didn't only aim to target the axis of resistance, but also to make changes to the region's demographic map and borders. It also aimed at uprooting certain groups of people and eradicate their history, he said.

"Clear evidence of this can be provided in many documents and in the aggressive and terrorist behavior of Deash, Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organizations and their affiliated terror groups over the past years," Nasrallah clarified.

Iraqis battle for Mosul

Hezbollah secretary general went on to say that the Iraqi people are all united to uproot terrorism from Mosul and dozens of people are sacrificing their lives in order to liberate the city from "Daesh".  He condemned the Turkish regime's attempt to play a role in the battle for Mosul; a role that unveils Turkey's greedy aspirations in the city.

Nasrallah asked why the Saudi regime, which has practiced most brutal kind of terrorism in the name of Islam, was not held accountable particularly after leaked American documents, that were not denied by the Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, revealed that Saudi Arabia and some other regional countries have supported "Daesh" from the very beginning.

He stressed that the battle will continue till terrorism is eliminated and "when victory over terrorism is achieved in Syria and the scheme of dividing and controlling the country is foiled there will be no more need for our presence in Syria," Nasrallah asserted.

Presidential elections in Lebanon

On Lebanon's presidential elections, Nasrallah said that from the beginning, Hizbollah wanted this constitutional process to be achieved and to elect Leader of the Free Patriotic Movement, General Michael Oun as President.

He added that during the coming meeting of the Lebanese parliament to elect the president, the Loyalty to Resistance bloc will attend in full members  and will elect Oun as President of the Lebanese Republic.      


The following is the official coverage according to Al-Manar Website:

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah delivered a televised speech Sunday in which he spoke about the unpublished characteristics and tasks of resistance commander Hatem Hmede – Hajj Alaa – who was martyred in Aleppo one week ago.

Speaking Before a crowd of consolers who gathered in Qmatiyeh, the hometown of Hajj Alaa, Sayyed Nasrallah also tackled the Lebanese developments and assured that Loyalty to the Resistance Parliamentary bloc will be joining the Presidential elections session and will be voting for President Michel Aoun.

Sayyed Nasrallah indicated that Hajj Alaa began his resistance journey in the scouts while he was a devoted father in parallel. He studied electrical engineering in the Arabic University to join the resistance ranks immediately after completing it.

He added that Hajj Alaa was an air defense commander during July 2006 war, and has been in the battlefield defending Lebanon, Biqaa, Hermel, and Baalbeck since the Syrian crisis emerged.

Despite holding major and central tasks being one of the major and first leaders of the battle, Hajj Alaa chose to be in the battlefield, fighting among the resistance fighters and eliminating the threat on the Lebanese borders.

He was one of the major leaders of Qalamoun battle and he helped put end to booby-trapping cars which took place there.
On this point, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that the security we are living in now is not the outcome of agreements or mere prayers, but rather the outcome of the blood and sacrifices of the resistance and Army martyrs.

His eminence noted that Hajj Alaa was close to achieving a great victory in Aleppo before his martyrdom, after the battle there intensified due to the large number of militants that was dispatched into Syria through the Turkish borders. Moreover, he pointed out that the battle there is decisive as it will have military, field, strategic, and political repercussions.

In this context, Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated that Hezbollah went to Syria only after studying the threat of the terrorist groups there.

“It was not a battle for toppling the regime, but rather a battle that aimed at imposing demographic changes in the region… ISIL and Al-Nosra wanted to eliminate certain groups that have been in the region for centuries, not just the minorities, but even the Sunnis and anyone who opposed their project,” he said.

His eminence referred to the Yemen war, stating that “over 20 million people are besieged in Yemen and hundreds of martyrs fell lately in a funeral there and no one did anything about it… This is a war that has no rules… The entire world condemns ISIL and acknowledges its terrorism, and then Hilary Clinton confirms that Saudi Arabia and other countries back and fund ISIL, but does anyone prosecute that country which backs ISIL?”

Furthermore, he referred to the Mosul battle in Iraq and indicated that “Iraqis from various sects fought in it to liberate it from ISIL, and dozens or even hundreds were martyred on daily bases and after attaining victory, Turkey announced that Mosul was a Turkish territory and it wanted it back”.

After considering that Turkey would be doing the same after the battle in Aleppo is over, Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out that “unfortunately all this is happening under one name: Mohammad (PBUH)”.

“All this terrorism is happening under the name of Mohammad (pbuh)… this is the name on the center of their black flag, and this is not spontaneous it is rather planned because they want to throw this name, which shined with glory into this world, they want to throw it in the blackness and darkness of ISIL,” he said.

His eminence concluded this part of his speech by reassuring that Hezbollah will stay in Syria until it triumphs and everyone who bets on its defeat will lose hope.

Moving on to the Lebanese internal file, Sayyed Nasrallah assured that after Future Party Leader Saad Hariri named General Michel Aoun for presidency, the elections can take place on time. He also noted that “despite President Hariri’s escalating speech against us, we will stay positive and everything could be solved through dialogue… all we aim for is achieving presidential elections and keeping this country secure and coherent.”

Hezbollah secretary general stressed that “no one wants corruption or civil war and referring such words to Amal movement is not true and Amal movement denied it.”

He further emphasized that the relationship between Hezbollah and Amal was far too strong and deep to be influenced by such fabrications.

In conclusion, his eminence stated that the entire Loyalty to the Resistance Parliamentary bloc will attend the coming parliamentary session and will elect General Michel Aoun for presidency and that will be in agreement with Amal movement.

As he reassured Hezbollah’s faithfulness and loyalty to all its allies, Sayyed Nasrallah indicated that the resistance would not impose anything on its allies, and it respects their different approaches.

He further addressed the Free Patriotic Movement supporters saying: “As a faithful friend, I ask you not to be dragged into incitements especially on social media and don’t respond to attempts to disfigure the relationship between us.”

 Hamda Mustafa/ Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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