Syrian, French researchers discuss 'geopolitical dimensions of war on Syria'

Under the title 'Geopolitical dimensions of the War on Syria', the Ahfad Ashtar Institute organized Saturday a symposium in Damascus University Center with the participation of the French Retired Colonel Alain Corvez and the researcher Richard Labeviere  .

The speakers in the symposium expressed solidarity with the Syrian people and criticized the U.S and western policies towards the war on Syria.

They also focused on the shameful relationship between France and the Saudi Arabia , which has been rejected by most of the French people, and discussed the international shifts.

 Mr. Corvez told the Syria times e-newspaper that  Russia's military support to Syria has changed a lot of things. "The U.S. strategy has failed and that is  big problem as many politicians in Washington do not want to recognize their failure... The U.S. mentality is based on ruling the whole world and winning everywhere," he added.

The retired colonel clarified that the purpose of his participation in the symposium is to say that most of the French people do not agree with what he described as the 'bad' policy of the French government towards Syria.

He has visited Syria several times and he is going to give lectures in France, Germany and other countries on the events taking place in Syria and the role of media outlets in misleading the public opinion.

Friendly relations between Syria and France

On his part, Mr. Labeviere told us that Syria faces a global war led by the U.S., Gulf states and Israel, referring to the strong effect of Israel on the French policy and the failure of the so-called 'Arab Spring' in Syria.

He indicated to a statement said by one of his colleagues: " al-Nusra Front [Jabhat al-Nusra] and ISIS are our enemies, but the Syrian army does not pose a threat to France and it fights terrorism."

The French researcher also asserted that his current visit to Syria aims to express friendly relations between the French and Syrian peoples.

He underlined the need to explain the reality of events in Syria to the coming authorities in France in order to stop mistakes and follies perpetrated by the previous and current French authorities.

 “We have to learn from history and to take into consideration Syria’s relations with France.. Actually, America has made France pay a high price for its stances towards the war on Iraq in 2003,” Mr. Labeviere said, adding : “the French people do feel the pain of the Syrian people and there is disagreement between the French diplomats and the French people in this regard. 

Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, the Presidential Political and Media Advisor, who gave a short speech during the symposium, affirmed that the friendly relations between the peoples of Syria and France date back to historic relation between the two countries.

"We have no doubt that there are a lot of nobles in Europe, who contradict the western policies that have caused damage to the Syrian people. Here, we ask, does Europe moves under the umbrella of the United States?  France and Britain have been spearheads in the American project  which has failed!" she added.

Dr. Shaaban clarified that democracy and freedom are noble values but we have to consolidate the democracy that goes with our culture, religion and people.

She addressed the two French researchers in the symposium: " your visit to Syria does not serve President Bashar al-Assad it serves your homeland because you show to the Syrian people that the French people do not stand by the western policies."

Sovereignty or chaos

Another short speech was given by the Syrian Researcher Dr. Imad Fawzi Shueibi , who said that the conflict in, on and with Syria will lead either to countries' sovereignty or chaos.

He says that there are attempts to replace the principle of sovereignty with the principle of humanitarian intervention.

 Dr. Shueibi also pointed out that there is a conflict on power and pipelines of power, which pass through Syria.

On her part, chairwoman of the 'Ahfad Ashtar' Institute Dr. Aysar al-Midani affirmed that the US-led coalition is a mask to fights Syria's sovereignty. 

"The war on Syria has political and cultural dimensions. And terrorists are tools used by the countries that want to attack Syria," she added, stressing that French researchers are defending Syria's sovereignty and a new world based on equal relationships.

The participants in the symposium called for holding a world conference against terrorism in Damascus in order to form a group to put pressure on countries that support terrorism and to enhance understanding of rebuilding homeland as well as to reinforce thinking.    

It is worth noting that the Mr. Alain Corvez is a military strategic expert served as Deputy Chief of  counter-espionage in France, a security advisor to French Prime Minister, an advisor to commander of the United Nations peacekeeping forces in Lebanon.

He is working now as a strategic analyst and professor in the French Military Academy. He has written many articles.

While Mr. Richard Labeviere  is a French researcher and writer specialized in political affairs. He worked for the French Television and Radio and the Press Agency for a long time. He has written 15 books on terrorism, Islam and Syria.

Reported by : Basma Qaddour