Syria condemns killing of Al-Ikhbariya photographer

 DAMASCUS, (ST)_ On October 10, armed terrorist groups killed the photographer of al-Ikhbariya TV, Mohammad al-Ashram, in Deir Ezzor city, 400km northeast of Damascus.

 All Syrian media condemned the terrorist act which targeted Al-Ashram while he was conveying the reality of what is going on in the city.

  The Syrian Journalists Union issued a statement which called on Arab and international organizations to denounce that criminal act and prosecute its perpetrators.

 "Once again, terrorism targets the media without any deterrent of conscience or moral.. Today al-Ikhbariya TV photographer was martyred, while he was in  duty mission in Deir Ezzor, at the hands of terrorists," the statement said.

 Director of al-Ikhbariya TV, Imad Sara, said that the martyrdom of al-Ashram while carrying out his national duty of conveying  the truth of what is happening in Syria will enhance al-Ikhbariyah staff   determination to cling more to truth, the Syrian Arab News Agency ( SANA) quoted Sara as saying.

 “The terrorists had abducted al-Ashram and tortured him, and even burned down his house and his mother's house, because he insisted to do his job for Syria's sake,” SANA said.

 On June 27, terrorist armed groups attacked al-Ikhbariya Station’s offices in Drousha area , 20km southwestern Damascus, destroyed its three studios and news room, and  killed three of its workers in cold blood.

 Obeida al- Hamad