Major General Al-Shater: About 9000 personnel from Internal Security Forces wounded since start of crisis in Syria

Around 8000-9000 personnel from the Internal Security Forces have been wounded since the start of the crisis in Syria in 2011, according to the Director of the Medical Services Directorate in the Interior Ministry Major General Basemah al-Shater.

The Major General told the Damascus –based al-Watan newspaper that names of 8000-9000 wounded personnel have been registered at the office of the ministry, indicating that there is a committee studying the cases of the wounded personnel.

“A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with the Syria Trust for Development, which has a well-equipped center to install artificial organs, in order to offer services to the wounded personnel,” the Major General al-Shater clarified. 

She pointed out that President Bashar al-Assad and the First Lady Mrs. Asma al-Assad have visited several wounded personnel at their homes, stressing that the Interior Minister Major General Hisham al-Sha’ar in attaches great importance to this issue.

“In each province there is a team to visit the wounded personnel at their homes and to register full information about their cases. These information are being sent to the Medical Services Directorate in the ministry in order to provid the wounded personnel with what they need,” the Major General added.

She indicated that- in some cases- the cost of treating one wounded personnel hits 1.000.000 Syrian pound every year.

 The Maj-Gen, in addition, affirmed that the Interior Ministry cooperates with Damascus University, the Syrian Students National Union (SSNU) and the National Business Center to offer psychological support to the wounded personnel. 

“We also cooperate with Ministry of Agriculture, which offers small projects to the wounded personnel as most of them are from rural areas and from poor families,” the Major General al-Shater said, affirming that the Ministry of Agriculture gave 150.000 S.P. to 52 wounded personnel to invest them in small projects.

“Tartous Governor gave the wounded personnel additional 350.000 S.P. to invest them in small projects. This experience can be implemented in all provinces,” she added, referring to the cooperation of Interior Ministry with all hospitals to treat the wounded personnel.


Basma Qaddour