Defense Minister on October War Anniversary: Army has Stronger Determination to Defeat Terrorism, Restore Security Countrywide

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The meaning and indications of October Liberation War will continue to be the torch that lights the Syrians' path and enhances their resistance and determination to confront terrorism and its supporters mainly the Zionist entity which blatantly keeps providing support for the terrorist groups to serve its aggressive and expansionist goals,  Deputy Commander in Chief of the Army and Armed Forces, Defense Minister Lt. General Fahd Jasem al-Freij has underscored.

 "October War has perpetuated facts, most important of which is the heroism of the Syrian soldiers and their ability to defend their homeland and achieve victory despite the superiority of enemy's war machine," Lt. General al-Freij said in a phone contact with the Syrian TV, pointing out that Syria's victory in October war "enhanced the spirit and morals of all honest people, freedom fighters and resistance men of the Arab nation."

The defense minister asserted that the Syrian Arab Army has withstood the most heinous terrorist aggression ever. It has managed to recapture many areas the terrorists had entered  to wreck havoc and terrorize civilians, proving high sense of responsibility in defense of the Syrian people, he said, noting that thanks to the support of Syria's real friends the Syrian army has foiled enemies' schemes.  

"Today, our valiant army is carrying on its national tasks with the same strong determination to achieve victory and restore security and stability to every inch of the Syrian land," stressed al-Freij, expressing appreciation and greeting to all the Syrian army's personnel, officers and soldiers.  

Hamda Mustafa