Army’s General Command Gives Additional Opportunity to Gunmen in Aleppo to benefit from Amnesty Decree

DAMASCUS- General Command of the Army and armed forces said on Wednesday that in order to prevent bloodshed and avoid more sabotage, it gives gunmen in Aleppo’s eastern neighborhoods an additional opportunity to benefit from amnesty decree and settle their status, or hand over their weapons and leave with their families, SANA reported.

 The General command added in a statement that “We call on all gunmen in the eastern neighborhoods not to wait for any assistance from any one as all supplying routes became cut off and there is no chance for them, but handing over their weapons.”

The army’s command stressed that it has accurate information about the places of gunmen and their weapons cashes in Aleppo eastern neighborhoods, adding that anyone who doesn’t make use of the available opportunity will face his unavoidable fate.