US-Led Coalition's Warplanes Commit New Massacre against Civilians in a Village in Northern Aleppo

  ALEPPO, (ST)- The US-led Coalition warplanes have committed a new massacre against Syrian civilians in northern Aleppo.

 Local and media sources said that the village of Thalthaneh in al-Bab area in northern Aleppo was exposed last night to violent airstrikes launched by the warplanes of Washington-led  coalition. At least 20 people were martyred including three children and more than 40 others were wounded most of them with serious injuries which may cause a rise in the death toll.

The sources added that the airstrikes caused huge damage to tens of houses in the village where tens of families sought shelter after fleeing ISIS atrocities in different parts of Aleppo northern countryside.

 The new massacre comes within the framework of the crimes that have been committed by Washington and its allies who established a so-called anti-ISIS international coalition illegitimately and outside the international Security Council. This coalition's crimes have killed hundreds of Syrian civilians in Manbej, al-Ghandoura, Tokhan al-Kubra and Dabeq villages in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

The United States and its allies, particularly Erdogan's regime, claim they are fighting "ISIS" terrorist organization, but facts have proved the opposite. Washington has provided different forms of support for the terrorist takfiri group, including targeting a Syrian army position in Deir Ezzor to pave the way for "ISIS" to control the area. Turkey, under Erdogan's regime, also used the borders with Syria as crossings to help the terrorists infiltrate into the country and to facilitate the smuggling of the Syrian oil stolen by ISIS to the Turkish territories.

Last week the international coalition's warplanes destroyed four bridges on the Euphrates in Deir Ezzor within the framework of the systematic targeting of the Syrian infrastructure.

  Hamda Mustafa