United States, Imperialist Policies behind Terrorism, Destruction in the Region- al-Zou'bi

DAMASCUS, (ST)-The United States and the imperialist policies are behind terrorism and destruction in the region, Deputy Chairman of the Progressive National Front (PNF) Omran al-Zou'bi told a delegation representing the International Anti-Imperialism Front.

"The United States claims it is fighting terrorism in the world while all its allies in the region are providing all forms of support to the terrorist organizations in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya," al-Zou'bi said.

 He pointed out that Syria has evidences proving the involvement of the Turkish government in smuggling and training terrorists and in facilitating their infiltration into Syria across the borders.

Aisha Lirzan Janer, a delegation Turkish member, stressed that the U.S. set up the "New Middle East Project" in order to dominate the region and steal its resources, so it attacks every country that resists this project.

She added that the front has uncovered all the imperialist policies adopted against Syria.

On his part, member of Turkish Popular Anti-Imperialism Front Aitaj Onsal, a lawyer, said "we provided clear cut evidence uncovering how the government of Erdogan had facilitated the entry of weapons and gunmen into Syria. We also presented a legal request demanding the closure of the camps set up by Turkey for training terrorists."

In a statement to journalists, Moroccan writer and political analyst Idris Hani, the front coordinator, said that the war against Syria is war waged by imperialism on the entire region. He added that Syria is doing its historical duty in defense of the region and the entire world.

Hani pointed out that what recently happened in Turkey "proves that the Turkish people are not satisfied with the Turkish government's both internal and foreign policies". He said that Erdogan is in a state of panic and hysteria.

The International Anti-Imperialism Front comprises members from Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Turkey, South America, Asia and Africa.

Hamda Mustafa