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Army units kill dozens of ISIS terrorists and destroy many of their weapon caches

Deir Ezzor – Army units carried out concentrated operations against ISIS terrorists in Deir Ezzor province, inflicting heavy losses upon them, SANA reported.

A military source said that the Syrian army air force on Sunday morning raided ISIS terrorists’ gatherings and fortifications in the vicinity of al-Tharda mountain, destroying a number of vehicles and killing dozens of terrorists.

Earlier, army units carried out operations against dens and supply lines of ISIS terrorists in the neighborhoods of al-Kanamat and al-Erfi in the city, in al-Jafra village and the surroundings of Panorama area and Deir Ezzor military airport.


Heavy losses were inflicted upon terrorists in personnel and weaponry where many armored vehicles equipped with machineguns and weapon caches were destroyed.

The army units restored on Saturday all the points they had lost due to the U.S. airstrikes that targeted a position of the Syrian army in al-Tharda mountain, which had paved the way for ISIS terrorists to control these points.