Syria Army continued Operations against Foreign-backed Terrorists

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The Syria Arab Army continued its successful  operations Friday against the foreign-backed armed terrorist groups in different parts of the Syrian territories.

Tens of mercenary terrorists were wounded or killed, DShK-equipped and armored cars destroyed, stockpiles of weapons, ammunition, bombs, rocket-launchers, explosives, electronic and satellite transmission devices confiscated.

The Army cleaning operations covered scores of locations and hideouts in Aleppo, Aleppo Countryside, Homs, Homs Countryside, Hama, Daraa Countryside, Damascus Countryside, Hassaka, and Lattakia.

Meantime, an explosion inside a house used for explosive devices manufacturing at Yarmouk Camp in Damascus caused the death of several passersby as well as inhabitants of the 4-storey building.

Two floors of the building collapsed, huge material damage were reported, and the terrorists inside the cellar of the building were killed, according to SANA.

Syria has been facing for more than a year and a half a wave of terrorist attacks by foreign-backed mercenary terrorist groups, mainly linked to al-Qaeda.


 M.A. Al-Ibrahim