37 Syrian University Students from the Occupied Syrian Golan Arrive Home

 .QUNEITRA, (ST)_ 37 Syrian university students from the occupied Syrian Golan arrived here Friday with the help of the international committee of the Red Cross and the UN Disengagement of Forces troops.

The Syrian Golan students for 2012-2013 academic year, more than 200 students, have faced a lot of deliberate delay and procrastination by the Israeli occupation Authorities.

Quneitra Governor, Dr. Malik Mohammad Ali, asserted in press statements published by SANA, that the day of liberating the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan is 'near' and that all the terrorist practices of the Israeli occupation would never prevent the Syrians in the Golan from the continuation of their resistance and struggle as to liberate the Golan and restore every grain of its soil.

 In statements to SANA, the students voiced pleasure to be in their mother homeland and reiterated their commitment, resistance, steadfastness and belonging to their homeland and their persistence and excellence in their studies and higher education- free of charge-.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim