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Syria's Ambassador in Beijing: Syria, China Have Mutual Interest in Confronting Global Terrorism

BEIJING, (ST)- Syria's Ambassador to China Imad Mustafa has stressed that the Syrian-Chinese deeply rooted relations will witness further development in the coming era, noting that China's higher leadership is personally interested in Syria events and it will continue supporting the Syrian state against terrorism.

"The Chinese support for Syria is strategic and it hasn't stopped since the beginning of the crisis in the country," the ambassador said in a phone interview with "al-Mayadeen" TV last night, noting that such support was evident in China's pro-Syrian government stances at the Security Council.

Mustafa was commenting on China's announcement of its intention to increase its support for the Syrian people and state in the face of the terrorist war against the country.  

 Cooperation between Syria and China continues firmly in all domains, including the military, security and economic fields, said Mustafa, adding that China's contribution to humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people under the crisis will be enhanced.

According to Mustafa, China's open cooperation with Syria is a clear message to the western countries and the United States that China can defend its national interests and can cooperate with its friends the way it sees as to support its allies and back its national security.

Both Syria and China have mutual interest in confronting global terrorism, Mustafa said, clarifying that events in Syria have direct impacts on the Chinese national security.

He pointed out that from the very beginning and before the start of the flow of terrorists of Chinese nationality to Syria, China realized that Syria is in an advanced position in the strategic conflict and that  it shouldn't allow the Libyan scenario to be repeated.

The Syrian diplomat affirmed that over the past ten years, the Saudi regime spared no effort to disseminate Wahhabi extremism among China's Uighur Muslims who formed a group named "Eastern Turkistan Liberation Front" that calls for establishing an "Islamic Caliphate" in Shanghai province.

He noted that this extremist group has posed a serious threat to China's national security not only because they are committing terrorist acts in Syria and getting important military skills, but because they have become part of the global extremist terrorism network and have become able to coordinate with and depend on other terrorist parties in different parts of the world.

Hamda Mustafa