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People with Bad Health Condition Evacuated from Kefraya, al-Foua’a and Madaya

IDLEB/DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE, (ST)- The Syrian Arab Red Crescent managed on Friday to evacuate  17 civilians with bad health condition from the towns of Kefraya and al-Foua’a in Idleb northern countryside. The two towns have been under the terrorist groups' siege for more than two years.   

 Necessary procedures were adopted to move the evacuated persons to al-Madiq citadel area in Hama northern countryside, according to SANA reporter in Hama.

 Simultaneously, the reporter said, 18 ill persons were also evacuated from the town of Madaya in Damascus Countryside where terrorist groups have used the locals of the town as human shields, confiscated their properties and block aid deliveries.

On August 14, following two-day coordination efforts, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent managed to evacuate Ghena Queider, an injured girl child who was shot as a result of infighting among terrorist groups in Madaya, and moved her to get treatment in Damascus.

Hamda Mustafa