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Senator Richard Black: US Congressmen, Public Opinion Started to Realize Reality About Syria Events

WASHINGTON, (ST)-Senator Richard Black of Virginia has asserted that The US public opinion and many US Congressmen and lawmakers have started to know more about the real situation in Syria and to realize that what is going on Syria is a war between the legitimate Syrian government and the terrorists of ISIS and al-Qaeda.

Meeting the Syrian community in New Jersey within a symposium organized by the Syrian American Forum (SAF) on July 30, Senator Black said "the war Syria has been facing over the past six years is taking place between the legitimate and democratically-elected Syrian government, which protect its people, on the one hand and al-Qaeda-linked terrorists who killed some 3000 Americans in the September 11th events."

 He pointed out that those terrorists are backed by the United States under allegations that they are "moderate opposition".

"This is something the American people and most US congressmen don't know, but many of them have started to understand this fact," Black clarified.

The US senator went on to say that the process of funding and arming the terrorist groups continues. Weapons are transferred from Qatar to Libya and then to Turkey where they are sent to terrorists in Syria across the borders.

Syrian Army is one of the best armies of the world

"Syria will triumph in its battle against those terrorists thanks to the heroism of its army, which is considered as one of the best armies of the world because of the victories it achieved in the fight against terrorism in different Syrian areas, including in Palmyra where the army offered great sacrifices to preserve the Syrian history and heritage," Richard Black said, noting that the US-led coalition has let ISIS expand towards Palmyra without doing anything to confront this expansion.

According to Black, the administration of the US President Barack Obama is experiencing a state of confusion as regards the situation in Syria, The CIA supports, funds and arms some terrorist groups while the Pentagon backs other groups, thereby causing destruction to the Syrian civilization and history.

He expected that the Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump's win in elections would lead to a dramatic shift in the US policy towards Syria and that the exit of hardliners or hawks like John McCain from the US administration would weaken the influence of the forces that support terrorist groups.

The US senator lashed out at some American media outlets that "don't stop criticizing the policy of the democratically-elected Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, who enjoy the amity and support of his people, while they keep praising the Saudi king who cuts off the heads of all who suggest elections.

Black also talked about his recent visit to Syria and his meeting with Syrian men of religion. He hailed the religious harmony in Syria, the mutual respect among components of the Syrian people and the freedom which the Syrians are enjoying.

Hamda Mustafa