President Al-Assad, First Lady Visit Wounded Soldiers in Homs

HOMS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad and his wife Asma Al-Assad Thursday morning visited a number of wounded army personnel at their houses in Homs province, according to the facebook page of the Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic.

The visit comes within the framework of the "The Homeland's Wounded" program launched by the presidency in 2014 to provide assistance to all the army personnel who were wounded while defending their homeland against terrorism. The project targets all the wounded soldiers with worst injuries as priority.

 President Al-Assad and his wife visited wounded soldier Manhal Dayyoub, in al-Kneiseh village of Homs countryside. Dayyoub' injury doesn't allow his to return to the battlefield or to continue his normal life.

Dayyoub, a brother of three martyrs, started a productive project and is getting necessary permanent medical care within the framework of "The Homeland Wounded" program.

President Al-Assad also visited the house of wounded soldier Issa Ramez Ibrahim in Tannouneh village of Homs countryside. The wounded also started a small project to ensure suitable life for his family.

Two of Issa's brothers are also soldiers who are still fighting within the ranks of the hero Syrian Arab army against terrorists and takfiris.

 The president and his wife also visited the house of wounded soldier Mustafa Ibrahim al-Ibrahim from al-Massane' village of eastern Homs countryside. The wounded soldier suffers quadriplegia.

According to the presidency facebook page, caring for wounded army personnel will continue to be the state's top priority in terms of meeting their needs of medical care and necessary surgeries besides ensuring productive projects that guarantee acceptable level of live to their families.


The homeland with all its potentials and collective efforts of its institutions and society will continue to support those who sacrificed their souls and bodies in defense of the homeland, the page said.

"These wounded people have sacrificed for the homeland to stay safe without waiting any one to come and say to them thank you.. In turn, we all, both individuals and Institutions will do our best to help them, the page added.

The “Homeland’s Wounded” program, launched in 2014, provided prosthetics and productive projects for the injured, with the aim of employing all available resources to alleviate the suffering of the injured and treat them.

In 2015, the program helped 435 injured people with full disability, in addition to carrying out 285 productive projects for them that provide revenue and allow them to achieve self-dependence.

The program will soon start using up-to-date medical equipment specialized in fixing artificial limbs.

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