250 New Parliament Members Take Constitutional Oath

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The People's Assembly (Parliament) today morning convened for its first ordinary session of the second legislative term. The session was chaired by the oldest Parliament Member Abdul Aziz Trad al-Milhem.

The 250 newly elected MPs took the constitutional oath. Each swore to respect and be faithful to Syria’s constitution, laws and republican system, to preserve and defend the country’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and to spare no effort as to achieve social justice and maintain the unity of the Arab nation.

 MP Hadiya Khalaf Abbas was elected as Speaker of the new Parliament by acclamation.

On May 24th, President Bashar Al-Assad issued decree No. 146 for 2016, calling on the newly elected parliament to hold its first session on June 6th.

 President Al-Assad, on May 2nd, issued decree No. 127 for 2016, announcing the names of the candidates who won membership in the parliament.

Syria held its parliamentary elections on April 13th with more than 3,500 candidates running for the 250 seats of the parliament.

Hamda Mustafa