Al-Lahham to European Delegation: We Should Stand Together in the Face of Terrorism

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Some European countries have indirectly contributed to deepening the state of chaos and terrorism in the world and to increasing the number of refugees in Europe, due to their wrong policies towards the war against terrorism in Syria and because of the unfair economic sanctions these countries have imposed on the Syrian people, Speaker of the People's Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Lahham has underscored.

Al-Lahham made the remarks during his meeting on Sunday with Leader of the European Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF) Roberto Fiori and some APF members.

"If the European countries are really serious about fighting terrorism they should cooperate with the Syrian government in this regard, lift the unjust embargo imposed on the Syrians and help the Syrian state meet the basic needs of its citizens, the PA Speaker said, reiterating that the battle against terrorism both in Syria and Europe is the same, so "we should stand together to face this cancerous phenomenon."

"The terrorist attacks which targeted Paris and Brussels were a normal result of the indulgence of some European countries with the crossing of thousands of takfiris and foreign fighters into Turkey which in turn facilitated their entry into Syria," Al-Lahham clarified, noting that a number of European countries, which keep claiming that they are fighting terrorism, have indirectly worked to strengthen and support the terrorists groups called by these countries as "moderate Syrian opposition".   

Flooding Europe with Refugees and Immigrants a Turkish Plan to Blackmail Europe

According to al-Lahham, flooding Europe with refugees and immigrants is nothing but a plan by the Turkish regime to disseminate chaos in Europe and to politically and financially blackmail the European countries.

He urged reactivating the parliamentary diplomacy as to mobilize anti-terror efforts, pressure the countries which support and finance terrorism like Saudi Arabia and Qatar and adopt decisive stances against the Turkish government which supervises the main crossing for terrorists into Syria. 

Fiori: Brussels and Paris Attacks have Awakened Europe

On his part Fiori said "the terrorist attacks which recently rocked Europe have awakened the Europeans and created a state of awareness in Europe about events in Syria and about the fact that the Syrian people and army are fighting terrorism.

He pointed out that "the Alliance for Peace and Freedom in Europe has entered a new era of struggle in all countries of Eastern and Western Europe to lift the unjust economic sanctions imposed on the Syrian people."

He added that APF has organized several conferences and rallies in Europe and published many reports in the media to explain the role of Wahhabism in the spread of terrorism and extremism in Syria and the entire region, pointing out that the alliance's activities have affected the European public opinion.    

Some APF members stressed that the sanctions imposed by the European Union on Syria are illogical and not justified.

Mufti meets European and Greek delegations

Later in the day, Grand Mufti of the Republic Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun met with APF delegation and stressed to them that the terrorism which is targeting Syria is threatening the entire world. He warned of what is being concocted inside the mosques in Europe by those who embrace the Takfiri ideology.

In turn, Fiore pointed out that Syria is Europe’s first line of defense against ISIS terrorist organization, adding that ISIS seeks to ruin the human civilization.

In a press statement following the meeting, Fiore said that there is a big change in the European policies and public opinion towards Syria as a result of the terrorist attacks that took place in Europe lately.

In a relevant context, Mufti Hassoun met Greek Parliament member Ioannis Sachinidis, who is member of the Golden Dawn Party, and the accompanying delegation, with Hassoun pointing to the continued flow of terrorists coming from more than 100 countries across the Turkish border into Syria with an obvious support of the Turkish government.

He noted that the visit of the Greek delegation is important to convoy the true image of what is happening in Syria to the Greek Parliament and people.

For his part, Sachinidis considered that Syria and Greece are targeted for the same reason because the two countries refuse to succumb to the West’s will.

Hamda Mustafa