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Five Artifacts, Stolen by ISIS from Palmyra Museum, Recovered

Homs, (ST)-Competent authorities on Saturday found five artifacts previously stolen by ISIS terrorists from the National Museum of Palmyra upon their attack on the city.

According to a source in Palmyra, the artifacts were found buried inside a house in al-Maalef area in Palmyra during a combing operation in the historical city.

The artifacts will later be handed over to the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums, the source told SANA.

 ISIS terrorists, upon controlling the city,  looted a large number of archeological pieces and relics from Palmyra and smuggled them abroad. They also destroyed several historic monuments including the tower tombs, the Arch of Triumph, the Temple of Bel, the Temple of and Baalshamin and the Al-Lat Lion statue.

The Syrian Arab Army and its allies in cooperation with popular defense groups managed on March 27 to recapture the historical city of Palmyra from the terrorists of Daesh. Many terrorists were killed and many others fled towards Deir Ezzour.

Hamda Mustafa