Syria of the deep-rooted civilization would but stand up stronger and better than before


"We, the Syrians, have illumination, civilization, culture and history as our identity for more than 7 thousand years," said Mrs. Asma Al-Assad, the First Lady of Syria.

Honoring the top and distinguished students of the Syrian Science Olympiad at Damascus Opera House today, Mrs. Al-Assad added " I am proud of being Syrian as well as of Syria which gives birth for such generations."

In a televised transmission, Mrs. Al-Assad pointed out that all nations can be hit by  calamities, sufferings, challenges, wars, displacements, killings and massacres as those perpetrated by the beasts at Deir Azzour two days ago,  in reference to the massacres perpetrated by ISIS, which resulted in the kidnapping of about 400 civilians and in the slaughter of about 300 hundred innocent civilians, the most of them are children and old civilians.

"We all pray  for the martyrs of this barbaric massacre and to all of the martyrs, civilians and soldiers, of Syria to rest in peace. It is our fate that barbarians come through our land with different forms and names. The nations of the deep-rooted civilization are, however, to stand up again and become stronger and better than before, and so are the Syrians, who have become stronger by the war imposed on them, which indeed has increased our immunity and  firmness," added H.E. Mrs. Asma Al-Assad.

The finals of the Syrian Science Olympiad were launched with the participation of 388 students from different provinces, where the top ten winners  in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Informatics were chosen.

The top 10 students in each of the said specializations were accordingly honored and given special certificates and awards by H.E. Mrs. Al-Assad and by Mrs. Hilal Al-Hilal, the Baath Arab Socialist Party Assistant Regional Secretary, Mr. Hazwan Al-Waz Minister of Education and by Imad Al-Azab, Head of the National Commission for the Syrian Science Olympiad.

In the run-up to the finals, 45000 students competed on schools level before reaching today's honoring ceremony.

In 2015, the Syrian Science Olympiad student teams won 4 medals and 5 certificates of appreciation in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Informatics at international competitions.

It is worth mentioning that among the distinguished in Mathematics was Mr. Hafez Bashar Al-Assad, the elder son of President Bashar Al-Assad. Hafez got the 7th rank in Mathematics.

" We have started the Syrian Scientific Olympiad since 10 years back with the aim of having distinguished genius students with different and more developed methods of teaching and learning," added H.E. Mrs. Al-Assad.

"Thus, we have moved from one subject and 100 participating students in 2006 to 5 subjects and more than 45 thousand students from all Syrian Governorates in 2016, which asserts that the vision for the Olympiad has been expanded and spread," the First Lady underscored.

Mrs. Asma hailed the recent decree issued by H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad granting University enrollment for high school winning-members of Syria Science Olympiad as securing a better future for their University and post-University education.

According to the Decree Numbered 4 for the year 2016, the high school wining-member students, are those who achieved international prizes accredited by Asian or International Olympiad, or those who came in the first places of the Syria Science Olympiad in any of its scientific specialization accredited by the Syrian universities.

The winning-member students of Syria Science Olympiad are granted admission at Syrian Universities regardless of the universities enrollment conditions, offered chance for Scientific missions abroad to get BA, MA and PhD and to be appointed at one of research commission or university.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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