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Shaaban: Syrian-Russian Relations Achieved Great Development after Cooperation in Terrorism Fighting

DAMASCUS, (ST)-The Syrian-Russian relations have witnessed great development after cooperation between the two countries in fighting terrorism and following the accelerating events in the region and the world, Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban  has stressed.

Interviewed by the Syrian TV last night, Shaaban said “Russia’s history in the region is that of an ally not an occupier as it is the case with the Americans in Iraq and the Gulf.”

She clarified that the Russian people were shocked by the fool Turkish behavior of downing the Russian fighter jet which was on a counterterrorism mission in Syria, pointing out that “we in Syria weren’t surprised by this aggressive act following five years of continuous Turkish attacks on the Syrian land.”

Shaaban referred to the emergence of the features of a new pole to be led by Russia and that enjoys a future strategy based on respecting legitimacy and international conventions, noting that “the Russian veto at the Security Council has saved Syria from the Libyan scenario.”

The presidential advisor said that Syria will press ahead with terrorism fighting until security and peace is restored to the entire Syrian territory. She added that the situation on ground in Syria is changing thanks to the steadfastness of the Syrian Arab Army and the great successes it is achieving against terrorists at different fronts.

On Washington’s alleged coalition against terrorism, Shaaban said “it is one of the indications of western hypocrisy.” “Russian is cooperating with the Syrian Army in the fight against terrorism in response to a request by the legitimate government in Syria, but the Western countries are adopting double standard policies by claiming they are fighting Deash (ISIL), of course after they have felt the danger of terrorism becoming so close to them, but, at the same time, they refuse to cooperate with the Syrian army,” Shaaban said.

She asserted that Syria is open to political dialogue at all stages, but the problem lies in the others who proved not to be honest in their sought to reach the hoped–for political solution, reiterating that priority is to uprooting terrorism.  

Shaaban said it was strange to fix December 18th as the date for holding New York meeting on the crisis in Syria without even preparing a unified list of the names of the terrorist organizations or the names of the “opposition” figures who will take part in this meeting as it was agreed on in Vienna conference. 

Concerning Riyadh Conference for the so-called Syrian opposition which is being held in coincidence with two other conferences for the opposition inside Syria, Shaaban said “Vienna meeting called for preparing a unified list for the opposition figures to take part in the dialogue with the Syria government and a list for the terrorist organizations too…No coordination was made between the parties of these three meetings and no unified stance so far.”

She ruled out that these meetings indicate coordination or a close unified stance by the “opposition”.

Shaaban affirmed that what is going on in the Arab world is part of the West’s schemes which aim at fragmenting the Arab countries in the service of the interests of the Zionist enemy.


Hamda Mustafa